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2008-11-16 14:49:37 by Liralei

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I wrote this in a follow-up message to a review I made, and decided to post it here and at my page because it describes a lot of my opinion on vocal trance.

As a vocalist, I'm terribly biased-ly fond of vocal trance songs, but I don't believe that a song can ride completely on its vocals, no matter how good they are.

It's a nice thought. but I'm a vocalist with a well-rounded and self-critical perspective, not an ego trip, regarding vocals. :P Unfortunately, this also makes me very harsh not only with myself in judging vocal songs, but the instrumentation. I've never even done a collaboration I was completely satisfied with. Here's hoping that changes in the future.


I tend to think that really quality vocal trance has instrumentals that still bring a LOT to the table even without vocals-- ever noticed that a lot of the released dub mixes of vocal trance songs have few to no vocals? And sometimes, instrumental tracks are released on singles, too. A lot of vocal trance probably wouldn't be able to stand on its own, true. But would you settle for that?

For me, that's what distinguishes unique trance from mainstream dance hits. They have widespread appeal because of simplistic catchy vocals-- give the mainstream something more complex and they go "it all sounds the same!" unless it has vocals. People listen not to instrumental subtleties, but singers. Usually only vocal trance tracks or melodic tracks with simple catchy melodies ("Traffic", anyone?) make it big in the mainstream.

Okay, that was probably a needlessly long-winded intro. Point is, you can depend on the vocals for a vocal track and get away with it just fine, but you could always soar past that level. Because the remixes that are really remembered out there stand out because of their unique twists and differences from the original-- not just using the vocal track but building on it. Classics like the remixes of Delerium's "Silence", for instance.


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2008-11-18 00:00:04

If you ever feel the urge to do vocals for a non trance song I was hoping to find someone willing to do some. Course I'm just a nobody looking to practice. If you want give me a PM when this "[temporarily not accepting new collaborations]" sign isn't up I'd be glad to do something with you. I do trance songs but I'm not a fan of vocal trance :P though background vocals are always nice. Some vocals make a song some just annoy me.

Bjra can tell you a bit about me if you talk with him much.

Liralei responds:

I don't talk with him much, but I'll keep it in mind. :) Hopefully life will clear up enough to allow me a bit more free time. Good luck!


2008-11-20 23:30:24

Mrmilkcarton is NOT a nobody, and if he wanted to he could do much more than practice, believe me. ;D

Your reply there is true though. It's why I admire tracks like Super8 and Tab's remix of New York City, or Daniel Kandi's remix of Out There, they're well-produced and often have sections where the instrumental parts of the track pull many times their own weight. What's more, the best artists are the ones that receive a relatively small amount of success compared to mainstream artists - if a good artist's style does become extremely popular, the artist will rarely change from it - the case with several formerly amazing artists. :(

Don't worry about our collab by the way, I got ahead of myself, I may not actually be ready for vocals until 2009. :O

Liralei responds:

Argh, that's very true. Although Paul van Dyk recently put out a remix that's very not-PvD-sounding, so I'm regaining a very, very slight hope that they'll, er...loosen up a bit.

Sounds fine by me! I'll have enough to keep me occupied until then, music & non-music-wise. Oh, life.


2008-12-02 21:18:56

You have a really good voice. Much better than I can ever manage. I also agree with your viewpoints on trance.
I'm not a trance composer, and most of my songs are limited to using only acoustic instruments. But maybe if you're interested and have time, maybe you sing some songs that I write.
Either way, you have a wonderful voice. I think you should continue working with it to create more beautiful songs.