respiratory system looose

2008-12-03 11:52:55 by Liralei

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While my immune system isn't really bad, per se, it seems that each time I do get sick, the first things to fall are my lungs.

I can still sing. But my vocal control is somewhat shot, and occasionally punctuated by coughs. And after a couple of days, the coughs have started making my chest hurt. Exhibit A: the first clip I ever posted on my MySpace was done out of boredom while I was sick. It's shaky and at the end, I gave up and started coughing. But it's amusing, anyway, and seems to have made enough of an impression on people.

Which brings me to the actual update-- I'm currently working on two collaborations with professional producers (one of whom is our own rising star Pulstate), which is an unexpected occurrence but a total joy to do. The trance world is vast, and to contribute with talented people is humbling. Hopefully both of these endeavors will fly through-- even if not, it's been fun!

Now if only my academic situation were looking nearly as optimistic...


EDIT: Dec. 6: I've finished vocals for Kazmo's remix of Lisa Miskovsky's "Still Alive"-- I'm looking forward to that. When I'm sick, my voice almost sounds like hers. Go figure.


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2008-12-03 14:24:04

Good luck with the collaboration!
And better luck with your school work!

Liralei responds:

Thank you! I'll need it. x__X


2008-12-10 15:03:54

your working with Pulstate? coolies.

Liralei responds:

Yup. 'tis a great experience. If my cough clears up before we've both run dry of inspiration. :P


2008-12-10 18:18:38

I'm in love with your voice <3 (but not in a creepy way lololol) Looking forward to hearing more!

Liralei responds:

Thanks! :) I'm hoping to keep working with good artists.


2008-12-11 02:52:54

Congratulations on making top 5 weekly!
Even if your name's not there, the song's half yours because of your great vocals!

Liralei responds:

Thank you very much! Congrats to you on the double top 30! :)


2008-12-11 03:37:35

Thank you for gracing me with your divine voice. Hope you feel/do better both in health and school.

Liralei responds:

I appreciate the well-wishes. :)


2008-12-14 17:05:59


Liralei responds:



2008-12-21 13:09:26

Don't loose your beautiful voice :P Get well soon

Liralei responds:

Hehe, thank you for the wishes :) I've recovered completely and even rerecorded Still Alive afterward! isten/194638