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2008-12-24 02:40:52 by Liralei

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I have my voice back! Mostly. My mother's sick, and since I'm home from college for winter break, I'm doing my damnedest not to catch a cold again. I have a slight cough. It doesn't affect my voice anymore, though, which I'm rather relieved about because I suddenly have quite a lot on the to-do list-- five songs in total, four of which I'm providing the lyrics/partial melodic composition for. Aaack. I'm very excited for them all-- ASOT, we're coming your way! ...This would be a bad time to get writer's block.

I'm also looking for a classical/acoustic/ambient composer to work with on a song I've written and developed the melody for. It's a song I owe to a friend, for his flash animation, who's been a huge support to my singing; I wouldn't be here today without his help.

But for those of you who've requested that I upload something onto NG so you can favorite me as an artist, here you go! The first two verses of a song I jokingly call "Amnesiac" -- for some reason, its working title in my Audacity file the first time I recorded it in June was "Timeless", which has nothing to do with the lyrics. Go figure.

...The reason I only uploaded the first two verses is because the chorus has ridiculous high notes, and I can't get them to stop doing an EQ overload. Oops. Poor microphone. But it's no big loss. Besides, it's easier on your ears.

While I'm at it...let me plug the second WIP of Kazmo's "Still Alive" remix, which I did vocals for again. Our first WIP made weekly top 5, but the second one sounds much better (I recorded the first one when I had the flu...)-- so have a listen! I think it's rather underrated, and it has quite a bit more to it than the first WIP.

As always, all of the NG collabs I've done are in the top of my favorites (although now there are a couple of other artists' works in my list as well, which I think are underrated-- listen to them all!) if you need a quick reference.


EDIT: Jan. 2: After a week and a half and a PM, the clip's been approved. Now I'm favorite-able, for those of you who requested it; you get a half-baked singing clip. Cheers. :) /197698


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2008-12-25 07:45:08

merry christmas ^_^

Liralei responds:

you too! :D


2008-12-28 04:04:29

"classical/acoustic/ambient composer" <_< --> 8D
I match ^this and ^this. The last one... a little. Ambient sometimes gets boring without a good backing melody, although I've heard and made some good ambience.
If you haven't found someone.... I'll be glad to help you! :D

-HFX ^_^

Liralei responds:

I may have, but thanks for the offer! I still maintain the offer for cover vocals if you ever need them, too. :o


2008-12-28 04:41:36

I am mostly a classical and ambient composer

Ambient: n/145095

and my Best ambient song n/151526

Now, about classical, n/176780

and here is my best work: will be on my next album :P n/198599

Liralei responds:

Nice tracks. Keep it up; thank you for the offer!


2008-12-29 18:20:21


Liralei responds:

I dunno. D: I'm a first-time submitter, so I guess NG's just taking forever to approve it, but daaamn. It's been five days.


2008-12-29 21:35:30

Five days? Oh my.... I guess you should go PM a mod about your submission.

My offer's still up whenever you need it. ^_^ As for your offer... I might take you up on that soon. I'll talk about it next time I catch you on IM.

You know, even if you're a "first time submitter", you've already got lots of songs on here. XD

Liralei responds:

Well, I'll give it a few more days. No need to needle them like a newb. :P

Hahaha, that's true. I wish the AP had the same capability to list collaborations that the Flash Portal does. Oh well!