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2009-01-10 20:09:01 by Liralei

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Happy 2009, everyone! Although I'm swimming in academic agony right now (final exams and papers through to January're not going to be hearing me mention much else until then if you ask me "how are you?" as people on MSN have found out), it's still an exciting season for music. The highlights that have made my little vocalist's heart happy are as follows:

Down To Earth - Brittany Barrett & Lira Yin

To be fair, I don't actually think I deserve the joint credit for the song in the title. This is one of those few times I didn't write the lyrics-- I sang and arranged them. She's done some fantastic things with vocal cuts, so listen all the way through!

Amnesiac (MCN Mix) - Lira & Mrmilkcarton

Out of the blue, Mrmilkcarton messaged me and said that he'd done a track using my not-really-trackworthy clip "Amnesiac" as source material. The song comments pretty much say it all-- I'm still very impressed with what he's managed to do with a vocal clip that was not intended for use, and was a mellow acoustic clip. This mix is an experimental dance track with a dark feel..

A Moonless Blue - nal1200 feat. Lira Yin

As part of Synthetica, an electronic EP collaboration done by a bunch of NG artists, nal1200 put together an experimental electronic jazz/lounge music piece. He wrote the lyrics for this as well, and they suit the song brilliantly-- I was stunned by the way everything fit together when he sent them to me, and I pretty much dropped everything I was doing to record the track.

A sample can be heard on my MySpace, or in the Synthetica EP demo track in my favorites, but we'd love it if you considered buying the track.



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2009-01-18 16:31:30

You are truly a talented singer :)
Thumbs up for you, and good luck with the exams!