2009-02-19 23:17:01 by Liralei

Lira Yin
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Hey, everyone. I'm still alive, but as a second-semester college sophomore, things just get busier and busier.

But onto the music updates:

-The Synthetica EP is now in store and with it, A Moonless Blue - nal1200 feat. Lira Yin has been getting support from many of my fans & friends. I'm glad to hear the generally positive feedback for the EP, and nal1200 deserves kudos not only for putting the entire project together, but his amazing production job on our track. Cheers!

Please consider purchasing it if you're interested.

-Down To Earth - Brittany Barrett & Lira Yin hit number 4 on the top 30 a week or two ago. Thanks for all the support, guys!

-Amnesiac (MCN Mix) - Lira & Mrmilkcarton was selected by Karco for his 4th best of January. Thanks, Karco!

-Speaking of Karco, I've written lyrics and am hoping to work out vocals to a house rework of his fantastic track-- and one of my all-time NG favorites-- "Time For Morning". Although our schedules keep conflicting, here's hoping!

-Currently in limbo on professional collabs. Pulstate and another artist who's collaborating on a track with him may not need my vocals, but please wish them all the best. You may have noticed that I did write vocals for his track "More Than Words" just for fun, and came up with More Than Words (Lira Yin's Vocal Mix)-- I loved that track.

Thanks for supporting and listening!


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2009-02-23 00:23:16

Your music is sheer beauty, I can see great talent emerging. Keep up the great work!


2009-03-05 19:36:26

I like your music,
hope you continue on forever!
Keep up the good work!


2009-05-08 14:27:55

Keep with the music!

Honestly, your voice is amazing. The only other artists I can think of that amaze me this much are Hania (Newgrounds) and Mariah Carey.
Bought 'A Moonless Blue' from iTunes (I hate iTunes!!! ^^). Now my all time fave song.