2009-05-22 21:50:18 by Liralei

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In stores:
Synthetica EP - A Moonless Blue - nal1200 feat. Lira Yin

Hi, everyone. Just a few quick updates:

- I've done two songs on Approaching Nirvana's upcoming second EP, to be released later this summer. Working with them has been a privilege, and definitely exciting. Their style is fantastic.
Previews of both "These Walls," for which I wrote the lyrics and composed the melody, and "Break Away" can be found on my musician's page:
Lira Yin on MySpace

- With very few exceptions, I'm now no longer doing NG-only original tracks.

Good luck to everyone, & thanks for the support! :D




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2009-08-28 17:17:33

lliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiraaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa

Are you busy? Any chance I can work on a track with you?

Liralei responds:


I'm shite at finishing some of my obligations but I'm soon to have an entire free week where I will sit my ass down & record. Current priority is tracks for release/labels, but if you has instrumental ideas send them for I know you to not be noob. if you want to work on a track from scratch right now tho', I might be a bit stuck for time.


2009-09-04 17:27:11


yeah ive got nothing, whens this week off thingy your having?

Liralei responds:



2009-09-28 18:15:26

Your name reminds me of Lirael! one of my favorite books lol