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2009-10-07 15:43:13 by Liralei

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In stores:
Synthetica EP - A Moonless Blue - nal1200 feat. Lira Yin
Approaching Nirvana's Sounds of Summer - the two tracks These Walls and Break Away feat. Lira Yin

sup guise. Short on free time as hell, but updates updates--

- Worked on nal1200's Synthetica EP #2 demo. BE SURPRISED.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /276379

-ElectricalBypass has been polite and persistent; I did some quick ambient vox for him on this video game track: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /279709

- Signed vocal track. It'll be both my debut release, and the debut vocal release of 7th Gate Recordings, the new label launch of a bunch of established trance artists from Andromeda/Elliptical Recordings. They've all received major support & airplay before-- I'm talking Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, etc. Cheers to Angra Mainyu, the evil brains behind it all. Working on a second track with him.

- Experimenting with doing vocals on SolusLunes's pet classical track to keep me from burning the fuck out on EDM.

- various other trance/house projects, and even an acoustic/live project on campus. OH THE MUSICNESS OF IT ALL

Thanks for the support as always, NG. I luff joo niblets.




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2009-10-13 14:50:06

"Thanks for the support as always, NG. I luff joo niblets"

Right back at ya. Haven't visited your page very often lately, but it's nice to see your voice is appreciated the way it should. :-)

Liralei responds:



2009-10-23 11:07:11

Thanks very much for leaving a comment Lira. :)

I would be more than greatful to have your vocal in one of my Classical film scores. Sort of like the score to Transformers 2, Gladiator, Van Helsing etc. I would love to have you sing forward as a main singer, then bring in an entire choir to support you but still use you as the main vocalist.

Experimental, but I'd love to give it a go!