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Oh, wow.

Maybe I'm just being a sap because of V-day, but I rarely review flashes, and this one just snagged me. Points off for sometimes-jerky character animation, but so many props for sincere, from-the-heart segments in one of the sweetest collabs I've seen for a while.

Gate-keeper-girl, your art is wonderful; Zwickel's animation style is great; while those two names popped out at me the most, everyone else had some amazing contributions. Cheers!

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Zwickel responds:

Thanks a lot!!! Rachel thanks you too :D


Fantastic! Your art's improving, and really, I can't wait for the rest of this project. And thank you all for the kind comments about my singing!

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nikedrummer33 responds:

Oh snaps lol...I didn't realize you had a NG...looks like I'll be linking you from the bio info hahaha.

Yeah, I'm figuring out how to make Flash art not look like shit haha, besides, I had to step it up to go along with your singing. :P

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This still deserves a 10.

This is much more extensive than the previous games, and the inventory/item search side plot was a pleasant surprise, much more interactive than the first couple.

And honestly, any of the whining coming from previous reviewers doesn't take into account how much time you must have spent drawing each of these panels, the thought that went into it, and the fact that flashiness isn't everything-- it is MUCH harder to capture beauty in a simple, streamlined game like this than it is in something full of fancy effects.

Thank you again, as always, for your effort.

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You just rocked my speakers.

jeeeez but you're definitely one of my favorite underrated artists around here, because who the hell does goa/psy and does it WELL? You really do. And to be honest, I thought that some of your submissions here were better than your EP track, so this is definitely a treat for me.

I want to say that you could use some work on some of your synths, but I'm out of my league critiquing psy, so I'll just sit back & listen. And wish it were in DJ-friendly mix format. But if it were, its awesome structure wouldn't be there, so eh. Go figure.

(600? Seriously? wtf.) Congrats!


I don't know why I can't stop playing this.

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You've outdone yourselves on this piece, guys. I'm still reeling from hearing "These Walls" and this is a one-two punch. This is free to NGers and not included on the EP? If so, it's a pity but it's also amazing. The vocal effects and cuts you've used here fit in so well, and truthfully, it outdoes a couple of the pieces intended for the EP, if you ask me. Props to the violist for her, while not flawless, very energetic and forceful work.

Also, you're making a lot of progress in production quality. I'd daresay that your earlier EP songs will display a different degree from recent pieces like this.

Downloaded and fave'd.

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ApproachingNirvana responds:

Thanks for the review! It's always good to see you stop by here. We'll have to agree with you on most of your comments there. We love NGs and will continue to give back to this community as we gain momentum, but for the record this version is very amateur-ly mixed and our production quality can get better for this song. Also, I (SinJim) have a new computer on the way and will really make composing for classical portions a hell of a lot easier - my current computer only has 2GB ram, so it's a bit difficult.

This is not on the EP because it actually takes 6-8 weeks for an album to get reviewed and released onto Itunes as well as Napster, Amazon, and the other stores. So far, the fans on here have been really great and we hope to keep it that way and let them hear our stuff as we progress.

In terms of production quality, sadly your right. As we keep doing new songs, we get better and better. We're learning new tricks for everything and we have to keep going back and adjusting our previous songs to reflect this quality. We submitted our album to Itunes because we felt that we were at a point that's decently close to pro. While we aren't necessarily there yet and still may have quite awhile to go, we are very happy with how far we've progress.

Thanks again!

PS - Hopefully we'll see some more future projects with you :)

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